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Hi, my name is Alana (pronounced "a-Lay-na"). Thank you for checking out my photography :) Photography has been my passion for over 25 years.

I love it when people share my work that they find interesting. So please do share my work on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter!

A bit about me:
I love to travel back roads exploring and finding unique places to photograph, hiking and exploring Maine's coast, and photographing nature in our forests from waterfalls to flora and fauna. I love photographing old rusty cars and trucks, old barns, lighthouses, quaint harbors, and Maine's beautiful rocky coastline. I also photograph our state and national parks, Baxter State Park is one of my favorite places to visit! Also Acadia NP is a must see. I love all things uniquely Maine from blueberries to lobster! I live in the western mountains of Maine but grew up on the Downeast coat of Maine.

I love to manipulate some of my images for an old feel and love to create black and white and HDR images. I use Photoshop, Lightroom, and Photomatix Pro.

I also love to photograph pets and newborns. I photograph a limited number of unique weddings each year, which I enjoy as well!!

Need help decorating your home or office? I would love to help you decorate your home or office and will travel to your home or office to help you come up with something that looks great in your space.
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Please contact me by email at: or visit my website for more information
or see my work at High Peaks Artisan Guild Gallery in Kingfield, Maine.

All of my photography is Copyright ©Alana Ranney All Rights Reserved. You may not copy, post, edit, display with out my permission.


Approaching Storm by Alana Ranney


Steam Train II by Alana Ranney


Ski Sugarloaf by Alana Ranney


Ellis Falls by Alana Ranney


All in A Row by Alana Ranney


Garden Flowers by Alana Ranney


Welcome Home by Alana Ranney


Jackson Falls by Alana Ranney


Old Barn by Alana Ranney


Abandoned House by Alana Ranney


Skunk Cabbage by Alana Ranney


Sunset Western Maine by Alana Ranney


Weathered Old Home by Alana Ranney


Sunset Over Western Maine by Alana Ranney


Cemetery by Alana Ranney


Sheep Farm by Alana Ranney


In Bloom by Alana Ranney


All in a Row by Alana Ranney


Black Bear by Alana Ranney


The Green Door by Alana Ranney


Red Tulip by Alana Ranney


The Boy's by Alana Ranney


The Long Journey South by Alana Ranney


1883 Library by Alana Ranney


Grandpa's Old Truck by Alana Ranney